Your Champion in Birth and Beyond

Your Champion in Birth and Beyond

Your Champion in Birth and BeyondYour Champion in Birth and BeyondYour Champion in Birth and Beyond


Thanks for looking me up and if you're here I guess you may be expecting......if so Congratulations!

Creating, growing and bringing a brand new human being into the world is pretty mind-blowing when you stop to think about it. Our bodies are phenomenal at controlling the ebb and flow of chemicals to control processes which make it all happen. For nine months we get on with our lives and just let our body do its thing, occasionally monitored by the watchful eye of the health professionals .

Birth can be like that too! Our amazing bodies and and those of our babies have some great design features to help us rise to meet the challenge of birth. Each experience is unique and your preferences or circumstances may change the nature of your birth. I truly believe that wherever and however you give birth, it can be a wonderful and life-affirming experience. The right understanding, mindset, environment and support can make all the difference. I would love to help you with all of those things, enabling you to create and own your birth experience.

Welcoming your new arrival into the family can have its own challenges. Once again, gentle guidance, which supports the choices you make, a listening ear and an extra pair of hands can help to make this special time a little easier.

Please have a look at the services I offer and I'd love to hear from you if you would like to have a chat or find out a little more.

Di x


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We chose Di as our doula as she was warm, knowledgeable and deeply enthusiastic about supporting women during birth. It was lovely to have her with us before, during and after the birth of our baby girl. She was really unobtrusive in helping me with pain relief during contractions...she had an awareness of what I needed to be most comfortable. (VR 2nd time Mum)